When you’re in fertility treatments it’s important to focus on us, rather than the family you could be. Whether you are the one in treatment, or the one showing support, appreciating your partner can help keep your relationship stable for the long run. Here are 6 tips to help stay connected and show your partner appreciation through fertility treatments.

  1. Focus on the experience, not the result. Physical intimacy doesn’t have to mean sex. Even if you are just holding hands walking down the street, this can help you and your partner feel supported and grateful.
  2. Say thank you. Remember that your partner is human too. Thanking them, for even the smallest thing can help them to feel appreciated.
  3. Say what you mean, when you mean it. Holding in your feelings can lead to resentment, bad blood in the relationship and poor communication. Your partner likely can’t read your mind, and you shouldn’t expect them to. Be sure to be respectful with how you address these feelings.
  4. Send them an email. Sometimes it’s easier to express yourself through a letter than it is face-to-face. The other great thing about sending an email is that they then have that to refer back to later. Take the time to think through your feelings, reminisce on the old times reminding yourself of why you’re together on this journey in the first place.
  5. Avoid blame. Maybe your husband’s sperm is “slow”… Or maybe you have blocked tubes. At the end of the day does it really matter whose fault it is? Reassure your partner that you’re in this together.
  6. Schedule a TTC timeout. This can be a trip to the movies, a dinner for two, skydiving (whatever floats your boat!). The most important thing is that neither of you is allowed to talk about children, infertility, medical treatments, adoption or anything to do with what you’re going through.