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Infertility is more common than you may think – it impacts 1 in 8 couples. Whether or not you’re aware of it, there’s a good chance you know someone dealing with this serious illness. Hearing it may be difficult to have a child and build the family of which you’ve always dreamed can be devastating – physically, financially, and emotionally. Finding support in your community is invaluable.

April is National Infertility Awareness Month, a time for people dealing with infertility, and those who support them, to come together to raise awareness and shift how others view infertility. Here is how you can #HAVEAHEART and raise infertility awareness in your community.


Walk of Hope
A fantastic way to build community awareness, enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope is their signature fundraising event: one morning to walk one mile to unite one community. Held in several locations across the country, Walk of Hope represents the infertility journey and gives voice to the various ways in which families are built. It also aids local infertility support services and programs for the 7.3 million people affected by infertility and raises public awareness of how this serious illness affects families throughout the nation.

Find a Walk of Hope near you, or host one yourself! Gather some friends and show that those who walk the infertility journey don’t have to do it alone. #HAVEAHEART and start your DIY Walk of Hope.


Sharing is Caring
Social media has made sharing information (not to mention funny memes and cat videos!) easier than ever. It’s the perfect way to get the word out about the disease of infertility. Use your platform(s) to raise awareness, provide information on reproductive health, share your own experience with infertility, and spread the word about alternate options for family building. Don't forget to use #HAVEAHEART !


Knowledge is Power
Learn all you can about infertility, and then put that knowledge to use. Make sure you understand how state legislation impacts infertility in your community. Your voice can make a difference in making sure that people struggling with infertility can access necessary medical treatments and affordable family building options.


Host an Awareness Event
RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope is a wonderful option for many, but if a walk isn’t your thing there are plenty of other events to help raise awareness. Check out some ideas and learn how you can host an event. 


Show you #HAVEAHEART and join us in being part of the national movement to raise awareness for infertility.

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