The two-week wait between ovulation and your expected period can seem like the perfect storm of anxiety, impatience and so many “what-ifs.”  Insert thought bubble here: “What if the cycle doesn’t work?”, “Can I bear to go through this again?” “What if I am pregnant!”… When you’re in the two-week wait, it seems to go on forever… Luckily, we’re here to help!

  1. De-screen yourself – Being well-informed is never a bad thing, BUT it’s important to remember that not everything on the internet is accurate or personally pertains to you. As you Google symptoms, keep in mind that your body and fertility are unique. It is most helpful to stay away from WebMD. Social Media may also be something you consider a hiatus form during this time. Seeing friends and family with babies, celebrating births and throwing showers, etc. could be a trigger – save yourself the stress.  A positive way to be online would be to join an online support community, like Glow, where you can connect with those going through the same thing you are. Feel free to vent!
  2. Try not to Obsess Over “Pregnancy Symptoms”– We know, this is a lot to ask, but it’s important to take whatever symptoms you think you may be having with a grain of salt. Many of the early signs of pregnancy are caused by hormones that are present normally during the two weeks between ovulation and your period.  Feeling as if you may be pregnant does not always mean that you are, keeping this in mind can certainly help manage any anxiety.
  3. Go Easy on Pregnancy Tests– It’s understandable that the thought of taking a test early and getting a positive result will make the rest of the two-week wait so much easier to bear. But on the flip side, what if it’s a negative result? The chances of taking a test and getting a positive results before a missed period are quite slim.  Save yourself the potentially unnecessary disappointment and wait a bit.
  4. Practice Self-Care– Finding ways to take care of you is paramount. There are relaxation techniques that can really boost your mood and help with feelings of anxiety. Yoga, breathing exercises and mediation are perfect ways to exhale and find balance.  If these options don’t do it for you, try going to bed earlier each night, getting out into the sun and walking for some gentle exercise.
  5. Stay Busy– During times of anticipation, time can seem to stand still. Safe to say that keeping busy can distract and make the wait time speed up.  Consider these ideas:
  • Schedule dinner and dates with friends
  • Delve into a fabulous book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Binge a new series (Our recommendation? Check out Younger on TVLand!)
  • Clean out a closet or two
  • Attack those errands you’ve been wanting to cross off your list forever
  1. Write It Down– Some people keep journals, others make lists. Whichever way works for you… write down how you’re feeling. Taking the time to jot down your thoughts and allow yourself 20 mins a day to “obsess” can help you in the long run. It’s a great way to release your worries, hopes and dreams.

Waiting isn’t fun for anyone. For those TTC, the two-week wait to see one line or two can be torture.  Emotions run amok and can easily take over in a negative way. If you have any additional questions or are looking for support during this time, we are here for you.